2 day Flower Workshop

Date: 6th & 7th April 2019

Time: 0930 - 1730

Venue: Langworth, Lincolnshire

Price: £110

All the techniques to create form and bring to life with colour. Crocus, Narcissus, Aconites, Violet and a beautiful Hyacynth

Only 8 places available on these workshops so don't hesitate to book your place! 5 places left

Email to reserve your place.

Cutters to be used are listed below. If you already have any of these cutters or ones that may be suitable, please bring them along. We will use a textured veining tool for veining of most petals so this will be a very useful tool to have.

I will have a variety of cutters for additional flowers, if we choose to use them, that will be available to share within the workshop. The cutters I am able to get for you are priced in blue.

If you would like me to provide Cold Porcelain it is £5 per pack – approx 225gms. Please email me to place your order. Payment for any items requested from me can be made at the workshop.

Equipment List – Spring Flower 2 day Workshop

Non stick board and rolling pin
Cel Pad - (soft sponge type matt)
Ball Tool, cel stick, scalpel, Jen tool

Textured veining tool

Wire cutters
Small sharp nail scissors

Corn flour dusting pouch (top tip - dried wet wipe filled with corn flour secured by elastic band)
28g 26g and 24g green wire and 28g, 26g white wire (also some stronger wires such as 18g, 20g green or white for support)
Green and white Florist tape.

Pale yellow thread
Dusting colour brushes (flat paint brushes are good)

Fine paint brush for painting.
1 old brush for using as glue brush.
Small jam jar (for water to keep glue brush from drying out)
Cold Porcelain

Kitchen Roll

Wet wipes

White Acrylic Paint
Plus any extra tools/helpful bits you may usually use …


Cutters and Veiners

Calyx cutter – small and medium

Multi leaf cutters

6 Petal Daisy cutter - £3.00 – stainless steel

Primrose petal/leaf cutter

Primrose leaf veiner

Snowdrop cutters

Daffodil Cutter – or 3 sepal cutter like outer petal of snowdrop – but a bit larger for small Narcissus.

Long leaf veiner – such as Lily, Daffodil – optional if you have it. We have use the gem tool for veining if not.

Violet petal cutter : Flower Petal as 1 piece. ONLY IF YOU HAVE THEM

Violet leaf veiners OR Rose leaf veiner – Squires Kitchen ONLY IF YOU HAVE THEM

For any other foliage/flowers we make, I will have sufficient cutters and veiners to share amongst the class during the workshop.


Colour Base Paste : Goosberry Green, yellow, red

I will have a selection of colour pastes available to share.


Colouring Dusts - selections of pinks, yellows, greens, purples, reds/burgundy, black and brown and white. Think of the colours of these flowers. I rarely specify a particular brand or colour for you to bring, as part of the experience is to develop the colour palette with what you have – not what you think you need. (I will have supporting extras.)

Finally, this workshop is an opportunity to develop your skills whatever your experience. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. See you soon :-)