Christmas Spray 1 Day Workshop

Date: 16th September 2018

Time: 0930 - 1700 hrs

Venue: BSG - Malton

Price: £55

For full details contact Josie Abbey (Branch Secretary) @

Equipment List Cold Porcelain Workshop 16th September 2018 - (Christmas Roses, Holly, Ivy, Fir Cones, Rose Hips, Purple Berberris & Foliage



Non stick board and small rolling pin


Cel Pad - (soft sponge type matt - folded Jay cloths will do) (must be free of all traces of sugar)


Ball Tool,


Cel stick


Wire cutters


Craft knife


Small sharp nail scissors


Rose petal cutter 2.5 cm – 3 cm top to bottom


Rose leaf cutters of 2 sizes


Rose leaf/petal veiners – good to have but optional


Calyx cutter medium


Ivy leaf cutter and veiner


Holly leaf cutter and veiner – If you have a very small one bring that too


Corn flour dusting pouch - (top tip - dried wet wipe filled with corn flour secured by elastic band)


Florist Wires – Green 30g, 28g, & 24g and 28g white (pkt of each)


Pale yellow and brown/burgundy sewing thread


Nile Green & Dark Brown Florist tape


Colouring Dusts - a selection of greens, yellow, reds/burgundy, black, white and brown. (Alyson will have supporting extras)


Dusting brushes (flat paint brushes are good)


1 old brush for using as glue brush


Small jam jar - for water to keep glue brush from drying out)


Cold Porcelain


Box of matches


Kitchen Roll/Wet Wipes


Oasis or Polystyrene to stick wires in to help support your work whilst drying


Zip Lock/reseal able plastic bag (prevent your Cold Porcelain paste drying when not using it)


Moisturiser, cheap, to use like Trex to stop you work sticking to the board

(I bought a small Nivea for a £1) You can’t use Trex!!


A pair of tweezers




Wicker Wreath approx 9”, a candle holder or a large short tumbler that would take a church candle, which you could stick your arrangement to with a glue gun.


alternatively you can just make the spray and put it on your Xmas cake, in this case I would suggest you bring a 6 inch cake card or above to arrange your spray on, as the cold porcelain should ideally not touch the edible parts of the cake.