2 Day Flower Workshop in Langworth, Lincolnshire

Date: 1st & 2nd September 2018

Time: 0930 - 1730 hrs

Venue: Langworth, Lincolnshire

Price: £110

This rose lends itself to many colours and variations such a symetrical petals, loose and open or just plain fluffy and voluptuous.  The choice is yours!  Together with some wonderful early autumn fruits and berries supported by delicate lilies and eucalyptus, what more could you need to bring the outside in!

General Equipment List is below

Equipment List

Non stick board and rolling pin
Cel Pad - (soft sponge type matt - folded Jay cloths will do)
Ball Tool, cel stick, scalpel, wire cutters
Small sharp nail scissors
Corn flour dusting pouch (top tip - dried wet wipe filled with corn flour secured by elastic band)
Wires – White 30g, 28g, Green 30g, 28g 26g/24g Supporting Wires 20g & 18g
Nile Green, white and brown Florist tape.
Dusting colour brushes (flat paint brushes are good)
1 old brush for using as glue brush.

Fine paint brush for painting.
Small jam jar (for water to keep glue brush from drying out)

Kitchen roll & wet wipes
Cold Porcelain & white acrylic paint
Plus any extra tools/helpful bits you may usually use …


Cutters and Veiners

Calyx cutters – medium and large

Single Rose petal cutters various sizes

Rose petal Veiner

Rose leaf cutters

Rose leaf veiner

Metal Leaf cutters

Large Camelia leaf veiner



Colouring Dusts - Tulip Colours! selections of pinks/purple/plum, yellows, greens, orange, reds/burgundy, black and brown plus white – a shimmery one if you have it – Ice white or Bridal Satin. Edible Art Lemon Meringue is a good one for this. I rarely specify a particular brand or colour for you to bring, as part of the experience is to develop the colour palette with what you have – not what you think you need!


Please email for further information and any questions.